Gate House Medical Centre is a chain of pediatric clinic/health centre with two main branches.

Medical Services

We are committed to serve children/teenagers & yong adults till 19 years of age

Qualified Staff

We have a team of personell who are ready to offer responsive diagnosis & treatment.

Easy Appointments

We have a responsive contact personnel alway ready to receive you making it as easy, quick, and worry-free to get an appointment.

Top Equipment

We believe in quality, technically institutionalized advanced medical equipment, ensuring better service provision.


We provide vaccines that protect children from most common ailments and other serious infections while growing up.

Regular checks

Regular health check ups help find problems before they start. They help find problems early giving you better chances for treatment.

The vision of the pediatric clinic has always been to serve young working families.

Who we are

We have continued to expand due to the need for holistic oriented services to children and adolescence, also making services much accessible. We continue to expand on basis of these ideals. We have expanded in premises, human resource, services offered, medicine dispensed & customer satisfaction.

No better place to get you healthy again

Visit GMC

Our team of medical staff & administrative staff continue to serve clients in our competitors hospitals through appointment setting. We do wardrounds and visit our patients & treat them at a fee in other hospitals in Nakuru. However we emphasize on private hospital for quality purposes in health care provision