Our History

GateHouse Medical Centre was founded by Dr Fredrick Mugo and clerical staff in the year 1983 as a small clinic at Kathenja Kenywa Building  Kenyatta Avenue Nakuru on part time basis in full realization there were many children being handled by other clinicians and yet required specialized services for better health care service and increased quality of life.

We understand Nakuru & its environs, we are knowledgeable of healthcare in the region. We have continously served Nakuru from Nakuru since 1983, we have seen children turn into parents & parents into grand children & intend to continue serving Nakuru as the premier boutique Health Centre boasting of experience, rooted in Nakuru for the benefit of the region and its environments.

When we established, during the early years, there were only three chemist that operated normal working hours, they closed at 4:30 pm -5:00 pm therefore access of pediatric medication was severly limited.

We therefore saw the need to provide clinic services & provide medication on the spot, this was very beneficial to the clients who preferred  the service since they could walk home with all the medication they needed after receiving diagnosis & treatment. We have continued to have prescription drugs at our centre for the benefit of our patients even as being an outpatient centre. Our clients have enjoyed this particular service of provision of medication especially early on during the early years of establishment when access to medication was a challenge.

We continue to look at our future & also learn from our past, we are true to our tradition & factors that made us the premier boutique private health care provider.

22 years  ago the clinic relocated from its previous premises, to the 4th floor of Gatehouse  which provided a more advantageous location to clients particularly the non-motoring client. This was a largely successful move for the benefit of our clients.

The 4th floor provided a bigger facility from our previous premises at the time, benefits of Gate house 4th floor included immunization & child welfare services.

To note, these mentioned services were not available in the CBD of Nakuru ,27 years ago. Additional nursing services were also partly available. By then the facility had more support staff than any other clinic offering services within CBD. We were therefore able to provide quality health care & achieve quite great success in improving quality of life through health care & further grew our reputation.