Gatehouse continues to provide pediatric treatment from birth to 19 years.

Quaritive & promotive services including medication on the spot. Treatment of children;-

1) Malaria

2) Pneumonia

3) Epilepsy

4) Other convulsive disorder

5) Growth disorder

6) Anemia

7)Feeling disorder

8) Neutrician disorder other related childhood and teenage disorders

9) Flue, colds in children

10) General/eye disorder and infections with partnership with other specialist

11) Early infancy diseases after birth, young children

12) Symptoms such as diarrhea, cough, low feeding , pallor

13) Teenage infection & teenage growth & development issues & illnesses

14) Specialized & routine or by referrals

15) Specialized features is provision of EEG services .The service helps clinicians determine the extend of illness with compulsive disorder, epilepsy, similar brain disorders

16) Physic-social disorders are also treated & referred to sub-specialized hospitals when necessary

When illness above & other severe to warrant hospitalization, they are recommended for hospitalization from the centre at;-

Valley hospital & War Memorial Hospital these are hospitals of choice, we also do ward-rounds at other hospitals in Nakuru.