We have continued to expand due to the need for holistic oriented services to children and adolescence, also making services much accessible. We continue to expand on basis of these ideals. We have expanded in premises, human resource, services offered, medicine dispensed & customer satisfaction.

We moved from 4th floor GateHouse Building to 1st floor  where greater space is available.

From estabilishment year, we made a choice to relocate to Gatehouse Building, 27 years ago for our client benefit. Patients loved that it benefited quite a number of young working mothers who found the need for pediatric services often in urgent or emergency situations which arose after their normal working duties.

As a reault of the above we were able to see more patients, handle more complex health care issues, expand our staff which were moves that led to our conitnued success.

Competitors and Partners

We have been in Nakuru for long. We continue to serve Nakuru & it’s environs.

We partner with our competitors, such are other health care providers including clinics, health centre, hospital both public & private. We try to fill the gaps in the market by providing lacking health care. We partner with our competitiors especially in the area of inpatient to complement our outpatient services for the benefit of our clients.

We however have been in the industry for quite long. At establishment, there were only two other pediatric in Nakuru giving services .By around mid and late 80’s it was the third clinic pediatric to be founded in Nakuru.

We continue to look into the future with an eye of pioneering advancement in healthcare, health care access, providing for demand, provision for unavailable health care service & customer satisfaction.